tenant discrimination

Tenant Discrimination

Any property owner can be sued for discrimination. Cost: Minimum Premium for $1 million limits as low as $2,000. Limits as low as $100k are available with minimum premium of $1,000. Options for 5% co-insurance and a $0 deductible, or $5k deductible with no co-insurance. Risks are rated on location, occupancy, square footage and unit count. Common Objections: “I have this coverage through my EPLI.” Some […]

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ransomware attack

Ransomware: What to do when it happens to you

By Kiran Raj and Mallory Jensen Ransomware can stop a company in its tracks by making business-critical data and information unavailable. In an ideal world, your company has all its critical information and data comprehensively and securely backed up, employing strong defenses against hacking, phishing, and other cyberattacks. In the event that your company is […]

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Admitted Products

Benchmark Offers a Range of Admitted Market Products

Here at Benchmark we are always asking agents if the admitted market has declined a risk before we start working on quoting it. We often say “knowing it’s been declined is our green light.” That’s because the vast majority of our 60+ markets are non-admitted. The admitted (or standard) markets are subject to form and […]

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