Admitted Products

Benchmark Offers a Range of Admitted Market Products

Here at Benchmark we are always asking agents if the admitted market has declined a risk before we start working on quoting it. We often say “knowing it’s been declined is our green light.” That’s because the vast majority of our 60+ markets are non-admitted. The admitted (or standard) markets are subject to form and […]

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DO EPLI Insurance

Let Benchmark help you place your D&O/EPLI Insurance

For many companies and insurance agencies professional liability is often forgotten about. When placing insurance people tend to only think about Property, GL, Umbrella and Auto; and that’s okay, but helping your insureds to see the value beyond those basics makes you a true risk manager. Two important coverages that all companies should think about […]

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Looking over paperwork of new risk

Expertise Matters

Every once in a while a crazy risk comes across your desk that isn’t a fit for your direct markets. Because it’s not something that happens often, you may not know what to make of it. Those crazy risks are the things we look at everyday. We do know what to make of them, and […]

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