Benchmark now offers ePay

What is ePay?

ePay is an easy way for you or your insured to pay premiums via Credit Card or ACH.

How do I access?

Please have the following information available:

If you are the insured

If you are the agent


Your company’s name for commercial policies, or your name for a personal policy

Your agency’s name

Email Address

Your email address

Your email address

Insured ID

The 6-digit number your agent gave you

The number next to “Bill To” at the top of your invoice, that starts with “AGT”

Postal Code

Your postal code

Your postal code

Your agent can provide you with any information you’re missing

If you need any help please contact Carla Makowski

Are there any fees?

ePay charges 3.25% of the premium for credit card payments and a flat $3 fee for ACH payments.

Does Benchmark receive any of the fees?

Benchmark does not receive any of the fees. All fees go to ePay.

Does the insured/agent receive confirmation that payment has been made?

Yes, the insured/agent will receive a confirmation email.