Decrease Your Quote Turnaround Time!

We are here to serve you, and we know the importance of turn around time. Below is a list of questions we typically need answered in order to qualify a risk. Sending us this information along with your submission allows us to get right to the quoting process!

  • Who is the expiring carrier?
  • Have all your standard markets declined to quote? (we aren’t here to compete with your standard markets – we are here to place the risks that are outside of their box)
  • Is the account being non-renewed or cancelled? If so, why? (this usually gives us a good idea of why standard markets might not be interested)
  • Are you the incumbent agent?
  • Have other brokers been approached? (If you have sent it around, let us know so we don’t approach those same markets.)
  • What is your need by date?
  • What is your expiring premium? Target premium?

The more information we have the better job we can do for you!