Looking over paperwork of new risk

Expertise Matters

Every once in a while a crazy risk comes across your desk that isn’t a fit for your direct markets. Because it’s not something that happens often, you may not know what to make of it.

Those crazy risks are the things we look at everyday. We do know what to make of them, and we’re here to help you.

Wholesale brokers deliver custom insurance solutions efficiently and effectively and they bring value to a transaction that helps the insured get the right solution for their insurance need. Dave Leonard, Vice President of the National Association of Professional Surplus Lines Offices, Ltd. (commonly referred to as NAPSLO) and chairman and CEO of RSUI Group, believes that many retail agents do understand the value the wholesale broker brings to an insurance transaction.

I think that there are many agents who know that there is no cost for seeking a quote from a wholesale broker on behalf of their client, and they understand that in many instances that wholesale broker will help craft a solution that’s superior for their insured, he said.

Leonard adds that it remains important for NAPSLO to continue to tell that story. NAPSLO members demonstrate this value daily, but we have to consistently remind our retail partners.

This is why independent agents turn to wholesale brokers everyday to find solutions for the risks that their direct markets don’t have the appetite or ability to write.

Brokers like Benchmark who are affiliated with NAPSLO take pride in being a resource for independent agents when those hard-to-place risks pop up.

The NAPSLO brand represents integrity and innovation in the marketplace and we’re very proud to be able to promote the value that NAPSLO members offer to retail agents and their clients.

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